145 x 210 cm
Acrylic on Korean paper

Sang Won KWAK
작가 전시이력 Exhibition History

2020 저온 · 곡선, 디스위켄드룸, 서울
2019 파편들로부터, 아트스페이스 휴, 파주
2019 youth, 청주미술창작스튜디오, 청주
2017 배회자, 갤러리 조선, 서울
2017 soir bleu, 구 경성방직, 서울

2020 Low Temperature · Emotional Curve, ThisWeekendRoom, Seoul, Korea
2019 from fragments, artspace hue,Paju, Korea
2019 youth, Cheongju art studio, Cheongju, Korea
2017 Roamer, gallery chosun, Seoul, Korea
2017 soir bleu, kyungsungbanggickproject, seoul, Korea


곽상원 작가는 미묘한 듯 다르게 느껴지는 매일의 풍경 위에 여러 감정선을 오랫동안 쌓아 올려 인물과 풍경이 한 데 뒤엉킨 회화들을 선보이고 있다. 화면 안에서 자유롭게 표류하는 작가 특유의 리드미컬한 선(curve)들은 일상을 미스테리한 서사가 숨겨진 원초적 풍경으로 치환한다.

Artist Description

Works of Sangwon Kwak is enjoyment of curves. His primitive work is deeply related to why Kwak focuses on “curves”. Kwak’s curves are not only one of elements of his work, but a mimesis of ideas. He draws dreamy images like a dream, fantasy, imagination adding up to the reality. His curves are extremely spontaneous. Some of his works were perfected with free movement of brushstrokes without scathes. Free rhythms are entrusted with completed curves in his canvas that are not confined to certain forms or narratives.
He remembers “ordinary scenes in daily lives” with his unique and agile esthetic senses and expresses onto his canvas. For example, night streets he passed with his bicycle, surroundings while walking and subtle changes in everyday are captured and unfolded on canvas. Every day’s sceneries slightly differ from one another, so does the artist’s states of mind. As this honest painting of emotions meets with multiple layers, it completes abundant narratives and mystery. The energy in primitive paintings and power to refine or explode it are overlaid, and paintings of figures and landscapes met together. No specific figure can be found on his work, however, his work paints single figure all together. That is why his works give us a feel as if a life may be hidden behind the curves on paintings.