Mirage Cat

116.8 x 91.4 cm
Mixed medium on traditional Korean paper

작가 전시이력 Exhibition History

2021 Solo Exhibition, Dorothy Circus Gallery, Roma, Italy
2020 Solo Exhibition, Dorothy Circus Gallery, London, UK
2020 My Cup Of Tea, Solo Exhibition, Everyday Mooonday Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2018 Velvet Heart, Mini Solo Show, Corey Helford Gallery, LA, USA
2018 Private Life, Solo Exhibition, Everyday Mooonday Gallery, Seoul, Korea


장콸은 국내뿐만아니라 미국, 유럽을 기반으로 작품 활동을 하고 있다.
한지 위에 동양화 물감과 안료에 다른 매체를 혼합해 작업하고 있으며 자신만의 동양화 스타일을 구축하였다.
서늘한 아우라를 풍기는 그림체로 그려 낸 작품 속 여성들은 고양이 같은 눈매와 무언가 빨아들일 듯 응시하고 있는
눈동자로 보는 이의 눈길을 사로잡는다. 호기심과 희망을 가지고 나아가기도 하고, 좌절하기도 하며 고군분투 하는 작품
속 여성들에게는 마음 속 잔잔한 호수를 키워나가는 작가의 모습이 투영되어있다.

Artist Description

Born in 1989 in Ulsan, South Korea.
After she graduated from Animation high school in 2007 she moved to Seoul to pursue a career in fine arts. Jang’s work
evolved from figurative art into her signature artstyle. Blending cartoon-like forms with Eastern painting techniques,
Jang Koalproduces enticing narratives populated by a host of daring female characters.Although she has a background
in illustration work, Koal started out inpainting and employs age-old techniques, using multiple layers of paint on
traditional Korean paper, hanji. Cat-like eyes, strong lashes, bright red lips and pale white skin are trademark features
of her powerful figures, the protagonists in a world where exploration and discovery are key. As the artist herself
explains, “losing one’s sense of curiosity and the will to discover something new is even scarier than the unknown.”