Garden-golden dot

130 x 130 cm
Acrylic on canvas on board

Kwon Kisoo
작가 전시이력 Exhibition History

2019 Part I Pacho(芭蕉)_ Permanent Blue (Atelier Aki, Seoul)
2019 Part II Drowing (Atelier Aki, Seoul)
2015 Hoosou(後素) (Lotte Gallery, Seoul)
2013 The Golden Garden (Parkryusook Gallery, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province)
2013Kwon Kisoo (Space.1- Daum Communications, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province)


권기수는 한국화의 정신을 근간으로 다양한 매체를 사용하여, 현대적으로 재해석한 작품을 선보인다. 그는 조선채색화의 전통을 기반으로 화려한 색감을 선보이며, 작품의 중심인 ‘동구리’는 한국화의 먹선을 연상시키도록 검은색 선으로 표현하였다. 작품의 배경 역시 조선 산수화를 재구성함으로써 새로운 회화 읽기의 방식들을 제시한다. 작가는 ’구글 아티스트 프로젝트’와 미국에서 가장 권위 있는 장학재단 중 하나인 Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence에 선정되었으며, 상하이 Long Museum, 미국 Asian Art Museum in San Francisco 등 해외 주요 미술관에 작품이 소장되어 있다.

Artist Description

Kwon Kisoo is acknowledged as a bridge artist between Korean traditional painting and contemporary art scene. Most of his works are inhabited by a modern icon of his own creation: an alter ego names Dongguri, which is a character with a round face and spiky hair that appears in almost every painting by the artist as his avatar.
Kwon Kisoo has been selected for artist theme project by Google which elaborates iGoogle homepage with the many other key artists including Jeff Koons. He also showed his work at Venice Biennale, Long Museum in Shanghai and his art pieces had been collected at Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea and many other major museums.