163 x 130 cm
Oil on paper

작가 전시이력 Exhibition History

2019 Halaayt:Passage of Transcendence, Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong
2019 Hoon KWAK: Halaayt, Phosphorus & Carbon, Seoul, Daegu
2016 Hoon KWAK: From Earth, Phosphorus & Carbon Daegu
2016 Shilla Gallery, Daegu
2012 “Poem, Tea Ceremony, Contemplation: KWAK Hoon”, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu


권오봉은 1954년 대구에서 출생하여 1970년대 이우환, 박서보, 윤형근, 이강소 등과 함께 대구현대미술제에서 실험적인 작업을 선보였다. 이후 한국의 현대미술의 정신적인 지주인 인공화랑 황현욱, 시공화랑 이태와 깊이 교류하며 페인팅과 드로잉의 신체성이 강한 작업으로 주목을 받는다. 주요 전시로는 피앤씨갤러리 개인전 (2016, 2019), 인당미술관 개인전 (2018), 리안갤러리 개인전(2009), 시공갤러리 개인전(2005) 이 있으며 대구미술관, 인당미술관 등에 작품이 소장되어있다.

Artist Description

Born in 1941, Kwak experienced the trauma that resulted from the Korean War(1950–53) as a teenager, which triggered his instinctual attraction towards topics of human fate, mortality and recollection. He was at the forefront of contemporary Korean art in the 1960’s and worked as a membe rof the artist collective Painting 68 and the Korean Avant-Garde Association when Art Informel swept through Korea. In 1974, Kwak moved to the United States. He was one of four artists who had inaugurated Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Art in 1995. Hoon Kwak’s work can be found in numerous public and private collections, including the Arkansas Museum of Art, Arkansas, USA; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea; and the Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, USA. He has held solo exhibitions in galleries across the globe, including Hoon Kwak: From Earth, Phosphorus & Carbon Gallery, Daegu, Korea (2017); Gallery Shilla, Daegu, Korea (2016); C.J. Gallery, San Diego, USA(2009); National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China (2005). The artist currently lives and works in Los Angeles and Seoul.