Como collage

140 x 140 cm
Acrylic on canvas

스타스키 브리네스
Starsky BRINES
작가 전시이력 Exhibition History

2018 Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2018 The CIRCUS of Beauty., Seoul, South Korea
2017 Solos, Fernando Pradilla Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2015 Strange Characters. Mariana Monteagudo & Starsky Brines, El Museo Gallery, Bogota, Colombia
2015 Drawing paper. GBG Arts Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela


베네수엘라 출생 작가 스타스키 브리네스는 유럽과 남미 미술계에서 두각을 보이는 화가다. 자신이 태어난 카라카스 도시의 특성인 캐리비안과 라틴 아메리카의 혼합된 문화와 끊임없는 정치적 문화적 혼란 덕분에 그가 느끼는 내면적 충돌과 드라마를 회화적 언어로 표현한다. 그의 회화적 특성은 익살스럽고 장난스러운 표정과 몸짓의 이미지. 비정형화된 라인 드로잉, 심플하면서 채도 높은 색감과 붓 터치 그리고 명확하게 정의 내릴 수 없는 그로테스크한 얼굴표정이다. 그 형태가 가끔은 동물인지 인간인지 구분하기 힘들며 이러한 이미지는 작가가 느꼈던 자연의 힘과 도시생활, 개인과 사회, 우울한 절망감과 행복 등 이중적인 환경과 사람의 동물적인 본능과 내면의 분열감 사이의 불확실한 영역을 나타내고자 한다.

Artist Description

Starsky is a South American Expressionism artist born and raised in Venezuela. Starsky gains steady attention from around the world, especially in Europe and South America. Starsky’s first solo exhibition was held in Venezuela in 2006, and since then, he has had solo exhibitions in Spain, Columbia, and Germany. His unique artworks are included in various organizations such as China’s National Museum in Beijing, Acarigua Art Museum in Venezuela, Burger Collection in Hong Kong, and Sanders Collection in Germany and Switzerland. Starsky connects his past experience with current social, economic and cultural issues as he continually had with his past themes, Erotism and Boxing. “The Circus of Beauty” ironically illustrates how animals are treated by human along with animal abuse which is problematic throughout the world. His lovely, funny and even bizarre figures are created under his mother’s truthful support who was once a tailor and a rag doll maker. Starsky was raised in a small city, Maturin in Venezuela and earned B.A degree in Painting at Higher Education Institute for Plastic Arts Armando Reveron(IUESAPAR) in Caracas and MFA in West Art History at Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas. His rich color and formation was developed while working as an assistant at the studio of Jesus Raphael Soto, a worldly known kinetic artist and from a friend who is a street artist in contrast. The past is source of images that recognizes and identifies Starsky himself. The characters with frowned grin embody irony with humor, a unique characteristics inherent in South Americans as a part of Latin American culture and identity. At last humor melts all surrounding irony and absurdity. Violence is human nature. Many hide it in a deep down corner due to the reflection of self that others portray. Starsky, however, seeks and keeps it as part of him. Eventually, People learn to deal with humaneness and violence through the conflict between these two contrary states. Starsky’s characters are willing to show their silly and violent self. He expresses repeated reality of loving and hating; loved and hated.