Vicious II

30 x 30 cm
Pyrography print (burnout), inverted burn fabric dye, acrylic on Jute

하피즈 샤히미
작가 전시이력 Exhibition History

2020 2nd Solo Show - AWAS – Core Design Gallery, Intermark Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2011 1st Solo Show – R.A.G.E – Raising Awareness towards Greater Existence, Core Design Gallery, Malaysia


하피즈 샤히미는 현대 예술가의 자질을 분명히 드러낸다. 실험적이고 정교하며 재능 있고, 끊임없이 도전한다. 작가는 학부 시절에 열역학을 실험하고 연구하여 혁신성과 동시대성을 강렬하게 발산하는 새로운 형태의 예술인 낙화인쇄술(pyrography printmaking)을 개발했다. 하피즈가 공식적으로 그의 낙화인쇄술을 세계에 소개한 것은 2014년 그의 첫 작품을 통해서였고 전례가 없는 낙화인쇄술의 선구자로 알려져 있다.
초기 낙화인쇄술의 개발 몇 년 후, 작가는 새로운 형태의 낙화인쇄술을 개발했다. 90도 역화상, 직유화상, 그리고 고스트 프린팅이 그것들이다. 그의 작품들은 말레이시아, 상하이, 방콕, 대만에서 좋은 반응을 얻고 있다.

Artist Description

Setting himself apart, Haafiz SHAHIMI clearly exudes the qualities of a contemporary artist; experimental, detailed, talented and constantly challenging status quo. It was during his undergraduate years that he had experimented and conducted studious research into thermodynamics to develop a new form of art – his art of pyrography printmaking; keenly exuding innovativeness and contemporaneity. Almost unheard of, it was during his first in 2014 where Haafiz formally introduced his art of pyrography printmaking to the world. Possibly the first of its kind in the world, Haafiz was notably acknowledged as the pioneer in the art of pyrography printmaking.
Through the years from his initial pyrography art, he has went on to develop new forms of pyrographic art; 90 degree inverted burn, direct petrol burn and ghost printing. His works have been creating a wave in Malaysia, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Taiwan.