90.9 x 72.7 cm
Oil on canvas

작가 전시이력 Exhibition History

d Flame, 디스위켄드룸, 서울, 한국

2020 Cold Flame, ThisWeekendRoom,Seoul, Korea


최지원 작가는 장식용 도자기 인형(人形)을 연상케하는 이미지로 주변인들을 가공한 뒤 가상의 풍경에 오브제처럼 배치한 회화를 선보이고 있다. 작가가 주로 주목하는 대상은 아름답고 찬란한 이미지로 각인된 채 익명의 관계망 안에서 고립된 일상을 영위하는 오늘날의 청춘들이다. 대상화된 ‘젊음’이 촉발하는 상념들을 거칠면서도 섬세한 붓터치로 담아내는 작가는 스스로 이십 대 중반의 청춘임을 고백하며, 동시대의 정서를 회화로 기록하는 데 집중하고 있다.

Artist Description

Jiwon Choi started to paint ceramic dolls-like figures since 2019. To be more specific, she added smooth and glossy characteristics that can be seen in surfaces of human-shaped china doll to her figurative paintings. The artist wants to depict emotions of people in ‘these days’ where everything is consumed easily and lightly and disposed quickly. She has added visual characteristics of beauty and fragility that a ceramic doll has into objects and created figures with insensitive expressions who are not frightened by explosion of fireworks and able to dully walk even in the deep and dark forest. The artists did not particularly study production process or prosperities of material in depth. To be honest, these are not essential parts of her concerns. ‘How’ to paint was the only concern she had, and it gave birth to ‘smooth and glossy ceramic doll figures’ which deliver emotions of ‘these days’ in full and smart manners.