The Bird (kinetic Lighting)

21 x 90 x 14 cm (Regular Ver.)
Aluminum, plastic and wood(walnut), electric parts
Ed. of 399

Woo Won JUNG
작가 전시이력 Exhibition History

2019 Solo Exhibition ‘The Movement’, Galerie Frida, Seoul
2019 Solo Exhibition ‘The Origin’, OMAE Gallery, Seoul
2018 Solo Exhibition, Space B-E, The Daydreamer, Seoul
2014 Solo Exhibition at Space B-E, Seoul


키네틱 날개를 갖고있는 조명으로 실제 새가 움직임을 묘사 가능하도록 디자인 되어 있다. 와이어 프레임 형태를 갖고 있는 날개는 느린속도로 부드럽게 움직이며, 이러한 움직임을 통해 마치 한 공간안에 서로 다른 시간의 흐름이 존재하는 것과 같은 착각을 느끼게 한다.

Artist Description

It was designed with a kinetic wing-like structure to describe as much as possible the actual bird moving. The slow-moving wireframe wings which is controlled by digital controller create a illusions like there is existing the different time-flow.